Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sibling Fights

This morning was not unlike any other. Lizzy and Andrew fought. Don't get me wrong. they are completely in love, but they argue, fight, holler, squeal, squabble, and do all the other things siblings do.

This morning, they fought over who would get to carry Lizzy's diaper bag (that looks like a really cool purple zebra given to us by a special friend) to church. Andrew offered to carry it, and Lizzy screamed, "NO, I carry back pack ZZ's." ZZ is her name for herself.

I ended up carrying the bag, and I walked out to the car holding it. Andrew raced to the car. Lizzy was last to the car as always as she makes sure everyone else gets to where they need to be safely (she's very concerned about mothering already). As she walked to the car, she said, "I know Jesus. Andrew, you carry ZZ's back pack." Stunned, I put her in her car seat, handed her the bag, and she said it to Andrew again, "I know Jesus. Andrew, you carry back pack." Andrew was floored, noted the conversation, and excitedly shared the bag. They handed it back and forth "sharing like Jesus" as they so eloquently put it.

Proud mothering moment! Priceless!

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