Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 27, 2010

Treasure Island

We are enjoying a few days at the beach. I wanted to jot down a few of the highlights of the day to remember for later:

1. We dug a giant hole in the sand at the beach a few feet away from the ocean. It later filled in with water (after we dug a giant trench for the water to flow into the pool from the ocean). Then we sat back and relaxed in the "hot tub." It rocked!

2. This is a great beach for collecting shells. We've found a huge collection already after 2 days. The problem with that is OUCH those shells can really hurt the bottoms of your feet! It's not bad in the sand...but it's painful to get in the ocean as shells hit you hard.

3. Lizzy LOVES being IN the ocean. She and Mat have enjoyed hours of jumping waves while Andrew and I have dug holes and written in the sand. How fun that we each have a child to enjoy what we enjoy!

4. Lizzy and I were watching the waves. I said, "Lizzy look at those giant waves." Her reaction was to just stand there waving back at the waves. She was so adorable!

5. Andrew wrote AMGEH in the sand. I thought that was very clever. We ended up naming our "hot tub" Fort GAME.

6. We enjoyed a sunset cruise last night. It was nearly 2 hours long. There was free beer...too bad we don't drink beer.

I'll post pics later. I left the cable at home to download the pics. Such a wonderful great relaxing week!

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