Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 10, 2010


I place high value on friendship. Some friends have come and gone, and some have stuck around forever. I have a few friends I still keep in touch with that I've known my entire life. I guess that's what happens when you grow up going to the same church and private school for forever.

I've got friends that I've met since I've gone to college that I don't get to talk to much, but I love them none the less. And then I've got the besties, the people that just get me, and they love me in spite of my many flaws. I'm super excited that one of those friends is coming to see me in a couple of weeks. I love that girl, and while we don't talk often, we just go right back to the deep stuff like we never skipped a beat even when years have gone by.

Since moving to Florida, Mat and I have been so blessed to find several new friends that just get us on that deep level. They are the kind of people who run across a bread store and call to see what kind of bread they can pick up for me. They are the kind of people who come pick up my children to take them to various events so I don't have to. They are the kind of people who love me when I'm "boring" or "weird" or "crazy." They also tell me when I'm doing something wrong, and encourage me to be better than I want to be.

Friendships give me warm fuzzies. They sometimes require a lot of work too, but it's not the bad kind of work. It's the kind of work that's worth it b/c you really truly and genuinely want to keep the relationship. I wish I had pics to post of some of our new friends. This makes me realize that I need to take my camera with me more often!

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