Our Family

Our Family

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ups & Downs

This weeks has been a roller coaster ride...one that I'm not sure if I wanna stay on or jump off of.

Monday started off ROUGH. Andrew was a complete pill. Lizzy was her normal daredevil self, & I was a mess. By the end of the day, Mat called a babysitter and took me to Disney. He said I needed a little magic in my life...and boy did I! We had a blast for about 2 hours.

Some people have mentioned that they are envious of our life or have said we have the life. In response to those comments, I have this to say...Our life is not one to be envious of. It's simply our life. We have bad days - yep, even living right outside the Disney gates. We may have the privilege of going to Disney anytime we want, but our life is still real. We have hearts that get hurt. We have problems, and we also have a lot of joy. And when you have full access to Disney, real life happens both inside and outside of the park. Also, when we make a status update of FB, it's not intended to make others envious. We truthfully spend a TON of time on Disney property. It's only 5 minutes away, Mat works there, it's FREE entertainment (which is a huge deal since we have 2 house payments etc monthly), and it's the central location for all our friends to hang out since most our peeps are Disney people.

With that being said, I'll just go ahead and tell you that the magic of Disney must have made our week better b/c Andrew was an angel the rest of the week. He is now NEARLY fluently reading, counting money, and adding and subtracting small numbers from memory. Or maybe it's just a bit of renewed perspective after spending a night with an awesome husband who CARES about me and encourages me in the ways of the Lord.

It's been a blessing to watch Andrew grow through our home school experience. I am so excited that God has called me to home school, and I feel tremendously lucky to get to see the light bulb go off as both of my children learn and experience new things...like last night when we saw a show on the Boardwalk where a man swallowed a 2 foot long sword (yes, it was a real sword).

Things we have to look forward to this coming week:
1. Tomorrow is Animal Kingdom day with a bunch of friends. I have been wanting to go there for months!
2. A precious friend is coming to visit next week. She is one of those one of a kind kind of people that you find few and far between, and she is gonna be all mine for a few days!!!
3. We are going to do our first school field trip at the Rainforest Cafe of all places.

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  1. thanks for sharing REAL life stuff. yes, we all have those days. what a great husband to take you out and bring in a renewed perspective. awesome about teaching Andrew, tell him we're so proud!

    Hope we can visit you soon!