Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Sink Full of Dirty Dishes

For some of you, a full sink may represent work or a chore that really no one likes to do. I really don't mind putting the dishes into the dishwasher, but I detest emptying the dishwasher. Mat usually does it although the new Orlando house has so many cabinets that it makes it easier to put things away as each thing has it's own special place.

That's not the purpose for this post.

This sink full of dirty dishes has kept a smile on my face. It represents friendship to me.

A long time ago (hmmm 11 years?) we met these special friends...the Jesels. They would have us over for dinner, serve dinner on their china, and we would help put the dishes in the sink. However, my friend, Beth (yes, Elizabeth's namesake), would NEVER do the dishes while we were there. She would tell us that our relationship was more important than doing the dishes. Wow...did that make me feel special! China and dirty dishes! It's a lesson that I've taken to heart and continued as we have friends over.

My current sink full of dishes is the remnants of a dinner party that we had on Saturday. Andrew's piano teacher (and fellow homeschooling family - the fam that introduced us to Circle Christian where Andrew will attend school on Fridays) and her precious family joined us for dinner. Her boys are older than Andrew by several years, but they ever so sweetly played with my children. They had a blast. Mat so enjoyed time with their father, and I LOVED spending time with my new friend.

So my full sink reminds me that friendships take work, but they are SOOOO rewarding!


  1. umm, i love this post. to many more sinks full of dirty dishes! who needs clean dishes when you can have company over!

  2. Genny you are so right. I too now leave dirty dishes in the sink until my company leaves. Too bad I didn't learn that at your age. Thanks for being the person you are