Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 16, 2010

Andrew's Ankle and Cold

Yesterday Andrew hurt his ankle at church. I noticed him limping all day yesterday, and this morning he was no only limping but crying out in pain. I scheduled an appointment at the doc to make sure it wasn't broken.

On the way there, Andrew said, "Mom, I'm going to tell the doctor that I have a cold and snot is sneaking into the back of my mouth." Awesome. And I wish you could have been there for his description to the doctor as he not only said that, but he went into much more detail (so seriously too).

His ankle is sprained, and likely bothering him a bit more b/c his body is working a little overtime fighting off the end of this stinky cold. Ice & low impact activities were the doctors orders...difficult task for the momma of a high energy 5 year old.

Now...to finally start school for the day!

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