Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Crazy Start to the Christmas Season

Ahhh...it's so peaceful right now.  I'm sitting in a chair with a nice hot mug of chai tea with my computer in my lap right beside the Christmas tree in complete silence.  It's pretty perfect here right now, but I feel like I deserve it with all the crazy shenanigans that have been happening around here lately.

It all started last week at our once a week homeschool group.  The tummy bug hit...and it hit hard.  I wasn't directly affected, but I did hold back some hair back.  I mean...who likes to be sick alone?  Not me!  I'm not typically an alone kind of person (except for times like right now).  My kids weren't even around the one who got sick - yay!  The following evening, we went to a country dance with that same homeschool group.  Attendance was lower than expected due to the lovely norovirus (I'm probably spelling that wrong).  The following day, I took Lizzy to a birthday party, and that night, I heard that about half of our community was down with the bug.  Almost every single family from our school was hit (some families were wiped out entirely) by the tummy bug.  While we were still feeling great, I decided to keep my family home from church, and I went alone to teach Sunday School.  I thought I'd keep the kids away from other humans for 24 hours to make sure they were safe and didn't get further germs, but unfortunately, 24 hours wasn't long enough.

We got all dressed up for an special evening Christmas service.  We were all of 5 minutes into the program when Lizzy lost her dinner.  Yep, right there in front of everyone.  We quickly tried to get cleaned up and out of there, but I'm sure it was much too long for those who had to smell it.  I'm also sure they thought I had brought a sick child to church as I had my trusty big green bowl safely tucked away in a bag with me.  I had taken that bowl with me everywhere since Friday night after hearing that so many had been sick.  I figured that it would do one of two things: insure that no one would get sick or come in handy if someone did.

We got Lizzy home (both kids were crying about having to leave the service as they wanted to sing Christmas songs badly).  Andrew still has his bulletin on the piano, and he's been trying to pluck out the songs on his own while singing the songs.  I felt horrible for him.  I would love to hear of other programs happening in our area so if you are a Connecticut friend reading this, please let me know of any!

Lizzy felt pretty awful, and her fever spiked for a few hours.  We ended up with a very mild version of the bug.  We've been waiting for it to hit someone else in our household, but I think we're in the clear...knock on wood!

Mat woke up Monday morning extremely swollen.  His eczema was completely out of control, and currently steroids are the only thing that can get him back to a manageable state.  I've never seen him so puffed up and swollen, and I nearly sent him to the hospital.  Thankfully, my doc took him in right away, and got him on a something to help.  He had to get a better permanent plan, but we have to find a dermatologist for that.

My neck is stuck...and quite painful.  I can't move or sleep without excruciating pain.  It's been like that on and off for 1 and a half years.  I also saw a doc, and I finally have someone willing to at least start the process of helping me.  I'm very thankful for that.

So after a week of staying home and keeping to ourselves, the kids are at each others throats.  The final straw for them was hearing this morning that our weekly homeschool class has been cancelled for tomorrow b/c so many people in the group are still sick or afraid they are going to get sick (wise move, but so sad).  The kids started hitting and fighting about everything.  The final straw was when Andrew bullied his little sister and took all her toys after his piano lesson today.

His punishment is that he is grounded in his room, AND he has to do school work until dinner.  I'm thinking we will have a later dinner tonight...haha!  Just kidding.  Do you know how many times a boy needs to go potty when he is grounded?  I quit keeping track.  Lizzy is also grounded, but I'm pretty sure she fell asleep.  So it's just me and the dog (who is also sleeping).

I've gotten so much done this afternoon.  I even got our Advent activities finished so we can start our scripture reading.  I also do a little fun activity each day with the kids.  I put a plea out for help on Facebook, and I got some really creative feedback.  A couple ideas include wrapping the kids in gift wrap followed by a photo session and wrapping the kids in toilet paper so they look like little snowmen.  Love it!  I'll post pics on Facebook of some of those activities...if they ever get to come out of their rooms!

Merry Christmas!

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