Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Couple More Things

My favorite saying of the day:

The mailman came to deliver the mail.  Andrew was anxious for any excuse to stop working on school so he checked out the mail.  He came running to me shouting "that is so wrong!"  He handed me a coupon book that Publix mailed to us in Connecticut...very far away from our favorite grocery store.  I love that kid!

Did you know you have to water plants?  I nearly killed my poinsettias (at least I hope they revive) which prior to today were my mantle decor.

I'm totally rocking the baby powder in my hair look today. In my effort to de-grease-i-fy my hair, I've stopped washing it daily.  It is gross and itchy and smelly.  The baby powder helped all of those little problems today, and I proudly even hid the powder in my hair. I headed out for piano lessons, got home, and checked myself out in the mirror while washing my hands.  Much to my horror, the copious amounts of baby powder were showing in a clumpy dandruff like fashion.  Ahh...I was so excited about my find too.  If you see me, and it looks like I have dandruff, no worries, it's just baby powder.

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