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Our Family

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day

This isn't going about who I chose or why I chose them.  I'm not a fan of politics.  I don't enjoy discussing politics at all b/c so many people get huffy about their choices.  I don't like people to be upset or hurt by things I say so I often chose to leave politics to others.  I don't mind talking about candidates and their stances, but I hate the political side of things.  That being said, I always vote, and today was no different.

I find the voting process in each state to be so very unique.  Honestly, Atlanta, being the big thriving city had those awesome electronic machines.  Then we went back in time a little to Florida where you punched the hole in the ancient machines, and voters were treated to snacks and nearly walked in with someone holding your hand to guide you through the process (at least at our poll which happened to be at our church).

Today, in Connecticut, was the most unique experience by far.  First off, the parking lot was a disaster FILLED with people, and the lot was nearly full with people parking all the way down the street causing the road to only be one lane.  I lucked out and got a front row spot from someone who just left, and I was glad b/c while it wasn't raining, it was in the 20's when I voted!  We walked inside and found the longest line ever with people leaving without voting b/c the line was that long.  It turns out that there were 2 lines: one for people living on streets starting A-N and another with people living on streets starting with M-Z.  Fortunately, I live on a street starting with a W along with all 50 other people who live on my same street, but the rest of my area lives on a road starting with A-N.  I have no idea why they divided it that way, but it caused me to get in an out of the polls in 5 minutes and from my door, through the polls and back to my door in less than 15 minutes.  The people in the A-N line were NOT happy, and out of the fairness of my heart, I felt awful to walk in and out when others had been there for hours.  Oh...and the ballots were on card stock paper, and you just have to fill in a bubble.  There is no fancy machine or old school machine where you have to vote.  They just have dividers for privacy purposes, and then you stick your ballot in a box.  I'm pretty sure that our votes won't be counted until the next 2 weeks so likely we will not have a winner until December.

But anyway, I voted.  I'm not excited about this election at all.  My little boy has asked to take a nap today so he can stay up late tonight watching the results.  I'm excited that he is interested, and I'm willing to sacrifice his sleep for something he is so excited about (plus we are those crazy homeschool people who can sleep in the following day).  We even have a printed map to color blue/red and a paper on which to tally the electoral college votes.

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