Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Fly(s)

OK ya'll. My husband has an obsession with flies. He HATES them. You can see him start sweating at just the mention of a fly. Usually he grabs a towel and kills them by snapping the towel in the air, but he's been known to kill flies when they land on his beloved family members too (and that towel snapping on us just plain hurts - bad). There have been many arguments in our house about flies, and even the kids know to get the heck outta dodge when a fly is around. My favorite was when Mat was using the vacuum cleaner attachment thingy when a fly passed by, and he sucked it up into the vacuum. The man is nuts about flies! So just a few minutes ago he came into the living room with a bloody knuckle. He hit his hand on the edge of the counter in pursuit of a fly. His knuckle is swollen, and he currently has ice on it. I'm trying not to laugh about it...serves him right for being so obsessed. The best part was that about 5 minutes after sitting down with ice on his hand, a fly landed smack dab in the middle of the TV (which we were watching), and Mat spotted it immediately. Sweat started rolling down his face and he jumped up saying "oh no he didn't." I was just sure that he was gonna break the TV screen. Fortunately, the fly got away before Mat got to him.

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  1. I almost tinkled in my pants reading this. Mat when did you start hating flies.