Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Little Comedian

Andrew woke up as a comedian this morning. He is so excited about going to his good friends Star Wars birthday party today that I think it's overflowing. He's had us in stitches with his fun personality. Most of his funnies have been his tone and regular every day observances with huge eye expression and all, but the funniest has to do with our trip to the doctor. Elizabeth has struggled with some weird stuff that led us to the doc, the asthma/allergy specialist, and finally the ENT. All of our docs are close by b/c our house is very centrally located to everything. I love that. So we went to the ENT, and Lizzy had to get some wax out of her ear with a special knitting needle looking gadget. I commented that she must be able to hear much better after getting all that gook out of her ear, and the doc said they would take another hearing test in 3 months. Without missing a beat, Andrew piped in that "I don't really think she can hear very well b/c when I tell her to get out of my room she does this"...and he demonstrated her sitting there doing nothing. That boy is so funny! The doc is sending Eliz for a sleep study, and after that, she said we will visit her again to see what steps are next including removing the pesky little tube that won't seem to fall out. Pray that it will come out without surgery!!! We also went to the grocery store (have I mentioned that it is STRESSFUL to shop in the tiny little isles of the grocery here). No large spacious Publix isles. All the markets are tight and busy. I'm pretty sure we went down every isle 3 times trying to find our groceries, but the kids were super helpful. Lizzy kept reminding me what I needed to buy, while Andrew would find the items and sing an "ah-ha" song when he found them. It was really sweet. I found lots of people smiling at my children through the store. Maybe it was that they are the ONLY children with blonde curls around here, but I think it was that they saw Andrew's flamboyant personality charming. I'm off to make a mean PB&J for lunch, and then I need to dig my way out of some boxes...ugh...they are never ending!

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