Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Whole Lot of Crazy...

We love our new home! We got moved in just in time for me to make a quick trip back to Florida to get my braces adjusted. I am supposed to get them OFF next month...yippee! Then I got back home and attended a 3 day homeschool convention and now Mat's mom is in town for Mat's birthday. We took a weekend trip to NYC to see the city and take Mat back to his birthplace in Smithtown, NY. In between all the craziness, we've had time to unpack boxes...mostly in a desperate attempt to find things. The first feverish unpacking happened in order to find the shower curtain which was buried in the bottom of a clothing box with clothes that were no where near the shower curtain to begin with??? Last night, Mat's birthday, the last of the boxes were torn open in search of our car tags. Who's great idea was it to make tags expire on your birthday. Happy birthday, Mat, let's spend a fortune buying tags! After a good hour of searching high and low for the missing files, lots of prayers, and a little panicking, we found the last 2 files including the car titles in a box marked Playstation...who would have ever thunk??? There was lots of rejoicing at our house last night at 10pm when we finally found them! At $85 a pop, reordering car titles stressed me out! Mat's been sitting at the tag office for 3 hours awaitin his turn to pay a lot of money for tags, but on a good note, we saved $2000 on car insurance just by moving out of the crazy state of Florida! Everyone told us that tags would cost a fortune, but nobody mentioned that car insurance is so cheap here - yay! This week, we plan to find a spot to pick blueberries...if I can ever get my neck unstuck. I guess all that lifting strained a muscle or something??? Ouch!

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