Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweet Memories

I try so hard to write down the cute sayings my kids concoct. That is often challenging b/c usually the kids say the craziest things while I'm driving, and my memory is so bad that I simply forget when we arrive at our destination.

We were driving to PT the other day when the kids saw a convertible mustang with the top down (in the rain I might add). Elizabeth said, "Mom, that car looks Good!" I *dislike* her calling me mom, but it was just too cute that she was expressing interest over a convertible already.

Today, we went to story time at the library. Lizzy had been freshly bathed and had two piggy braids. She even snookered me into putting makeup on her cute little self. We were a bit late (meaning on time), and the room was already packed with children. Somehow my 2 managed to creak up to the front middle of the room where they sat like little angels. Andrew kept putting his arm around his lil sis, and she just stared up at him with eyes full of all the admiration she felt for her super hero big brother. At one point, Andrew invited her to sit in his lap which she gratefully accepted. All the adults in the room were watching my perfectly identical angelic children with awe. It was a super proud mommy moment! I wish I had more of those!

Andrew is full on devouring chapter books now. I have a precious friend who allowed me to borrow her Sonlight curriculum - for those of you non-homeschooling friends, Sonlight is a very expensive heavily reading based curriculum. I would never have allowed myself the luxury of purchasing it myself, but God made a way for me to share it with my friend. Andrew is so excited about it that he already started reading the books. He finished 1 1/2 (and they aren't shabby lil chapter books either) already, and I've caught him snooping through the rest. He will read books like the Wheel on the School, George Muller, and Heidi in addition to OH about 30 other books including some classics. I'm very excited about our school year.

Elizabeth whips out the ABC's and 123's often to "show off" a bit whenever Andrew and I start spelling something so she can't understand whatever it is we are talking about. I have got to get a video of her doing this b/c it's just too funny to see her all upset and roaring (with gusto expression) her alphabet. It's quite comical and always gives me and Andrew a good laugh. That girl is full of spunk. I say spunk b/c it's not just passion...there is something way to sassy in her attitude to simply say passion. She is a full on mess. She jams all the time, and in the car, I promise she just asked me if Blake Shelton was singing. ...and for all you readers who are interested in celebrating her birthday very soon with us, she wants a PINK Bible and Hello Kitty bedding for her new double bed/big girl bed. She has told us all a thousand times to make sure we remember.

I'll try to do a better job of remembering (er at least writing down) their cute sayings. They quotes come all to often, and you would all get a kick out of the way they talk. I know kids say funny stuff all the time, but my kids have a way of making their -isms very original.

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