Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 25, 2011

MRI Results for Elizabeth

Holy cow, I'm reeling a little bit from the news we just got. Many of you know that Elizabeth had an MRI last week b/c she's been complaining that her back hurt ever since the accident. There was a bruise on her back and continued pain that made her fall to her knees crying out in pain. So 6 needle pricks later b/c the nurses had such a difficult time finding a vein in my dehydrated little princess, Eliz was put to sleep and given an MRI of both her thoracic and lumbar areas.

Today I got the phone call that the results were not clear. In fact, they didn't show any back injuries at all. They showed that Elizabeth has had pneumonia all this time! I immediately called a NEW pediatrician, and we have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow at 3:15. Her pediatric orthopedic doc is forwarding the MRI results to the pediatrician so she can get a good look and diagnose it.

I honestly don't have any experience with pneumonia. I do have experience with a loving heavenly Father though. I know that He may very well have used this accident to get Elizabeth the treatment for her pneumonia that we would never have known she had if we didn't follow up with the complaints of her back hurting.

Right know, we are still suffering through the inconveniences of getting the car fixed, finding another car, going through physical therapy, having tons of doc appts, plus we are still seeking treatment for Mat's knee and praise Jesus that his wound has nearly completely healed. However, I would go through all this inconvenience to get treatment for my daughter for a problem that we wouldn't have known about if we didn't have the car accident.

I'll update you all on the doc visit tomorrow. I never thought I would hear that she had pneumonia, and I'm kinda blown away by all this. We serve an awesome God!

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