Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 25, 2011

An not so Typical Date Night

I have been listening to happy sounds all morning. With all the craziness in our lives this summer, there has been only a few random stay at home do nothing moments. Today, we have a few hours before our first doctor appointment (and it's even non-wreck related!), and I am sitting here with a smile on my face and a happy heart.

Last night was date night. Each of us took one child out and treated them to a very special evening. All morning the children have excitedly been sharing with the other all the events of their evening.

Mat took Elizabeth to Magic Kingdom where they road a ride of Elizabeth's choice (happened to be Pirates of the Caribbean - who would have thunk???). Eliz is a daredevil. She loves spice, but she won't admit it. She loves scary, but she wants a hug. Mat said he had his arm behind her, and she grabbed it, wrapped his arm all he way around her, and clung to it for dear life in the dark of that ride. Then they headed to Main Street Bakery for a sweet cinnamon roll treat. You should see the smile on her face that Mat captured in the photo of them eating. I'll try to post the pic later.

Andrew...well, let's just say that I treated him a little extra special. We enjoyed American Idol together. It's a show that we never watch, but this season started during a very busy time at the Sports Complex. Mat was working so Andrew and I made AI OUR special show. We watched every episode together, and we voted along the way. From the very first audition, Andrew loved Scotty. He was a die hard fan, and he voted for him, cheered for him, and most of all, he loved every second of Scotty on TV. So when I found out the American Idol Tour was coming to Orlando, I decided to pay the ridiculous cost to take my sweet boy to the Amway Center to watch the show. I had a little prompting from another AI fan, Robin, who told me that children Andrew's age often go to the AI Tour (she knew from past concerts she attended).

I didn't tell him until we arrived, and to say the least, he was speechless. He didn't have a reaction at all b/c he was in shock. I've never seen him that way. I even made a sign that said, "Scotty's #1 Fan!" and hid it from Andrew until we arrived at the Amway Center.

Needless to say, Andrew thoroughly enjoyed his evening, and I did too. We sat way up high which in the Amway Center is extremely steep. I've never seen such steep seating in my life. When they asked us to stand up, everyone in our section remained seated for fear of tumbling down the isle...every single person. It was actually kinda nice to stay seated! The kids did a great job singing, but by far, Stefano stole the show. He even took off his shirt, but we mostly liked his "show" that he gave while singing (and not the stripping part tho all the ladies did go crazy). He's going to be a famous actor one day. Mark. My. Word. Scotty and Lauren and Haley too...ok I'll throw Casey into that good category too. They were our favorites all along. We couldn't hear James very well, but he was also one of our fav rockers!

Now, a day later, we are a little tired for the late night, but the kids are enjoying each other and enjoying just being home. Right now, Andrew is reading a book to Elizabeth. It's a precious sight, and I'm going to enjoy it with them.

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