Our Family

Our Family

Friday, July 15, 2011


Ok...so I actually remember a few of the sayings from the day, and I wanted to post them before I forget.

Elizabeth has been drinking out of a big girl cup (aka normal plastic cup) while we are at home, but I've been packing a sippy cup for the road. Today, I packed an older princess "Bobby" (her name for her sippy cup), and said Bobby was all chipped and old looking. Elizabeth (who dislikes being called Lizzy now and promptly reminds me when I call her Lizzy that her name is E-Liz-Abeth (her break up of the syllables of her name is all too cute) told me with these exact words "Mom, my Bobby is all screwed up." I was tickled, but I also chastised her for using inappropriate language. Wow, the things 2 year old pick up and repeat!

We were on our way to watch the new Winnie the Pooh movie when Eliz (my preferred nickname since she now tells me not to call her Lizzy) found out we were meeting one of her favorite friends named Laura. Laura seems to be a difficult word for Elizabeth to say so she calls her Allah. Anywho, Eliz immediately became concerned about how she looked when she found out we were meeting her friend, and she said, "Mom, my hair is a mess. Do you have a hairbrush to fix my hair and make it like yours?" I told her I didn't have a brush, but she did want me to use my fingers to fix her doo.

So on this same car ride, Eliz asked me to tell her of there were "vellors" on my computer. I was so confused. I asked her if there were flower on my computer, and she said NO. By the time I finally figured out that she was saying "letters" she was shouting the word vellors at me in frustration. Poor thing. She's trying so hard to communicate.

Meanwhile, Andrew was reading one of his chapter books quietly. I just went to the library yesterday, and he's already completed at least 3 of his new chapter books. I'm talking serious reading. He asks if he can take his books with him everywhere. Now all he needs is some glasses and a pocket protector. Poor smart little guy. I gotta say, he teaches me something new that he's read about every hour. He is going to be a genius like his Dad!

And to complete the day, Eliz hurt herself slightly while I was in PT today. She then got upset with me b/c I took the object with which she injured herself away from her. That brought the tears, and she screamed...and went a running to her big brother for support. All the PTs thought it was absolutely adorable how Eliz ran to her big bro for her support, but I was irked. She ran to Andrew to "tell on me." Little punk! Love her, but she's still a punk!

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