Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Elizabeth Update

We went to the doc yesterday, and I promised to give an update. However, we don't have any real answers yet. I am so excited to have found a pediatrician who is very thorough and kind. Her staff was also very kind...even in spite of Elizabeth missing her nap and acting like a little two horned monster.

Here is what we know:
Something strange showed up in Elizabeth's lung during the MRI. So the radiologist asked for a doc to follow-up with another x-ray or CAT scan. We have already given Elizabeth several x-rays so rather than rush to put Eliz through more radiation, we are going to double check the x-rays that we already have, but rather than check Eliz's spine, we are going to carefully check her lungs. The x-rays aren't with the radiologist anymore so I have to go to 2 different docs to get them and drive them downtown to the radiologist. This time the radiologist is going to talk directly with our new pediatrician to discern whether or not we need additional x-rays or the CAT scan as suggested. Eliz is NOT acting like she has any type of sickness now. She is even more rambunctious than usual...and giving me quite a run for my money :( It's a good thing she's cute.

We don't know:
What the problem is still remains a mystery. It could be that during the MRI Eliz wasn't taking a full deep breath thus relaying a "problem" in her lungs. It could also be that since Eliz was a preemie, her lungs weren't fully developed. Or it could mean that with all the RSV, bronchitis and other illness Eliz had as a baby, her lungs were damaged. At this point, we have NO idea. And since she isn't exhibiting any signs or symptoms of pneumonia, we are not gonna just dope her up on antibiotics.

I believe that the pediatrician is being very thorough, and she will not stop until we have all the right answers. I am very thankful to have found such a diligent, caring pediatrician. We have certainly found some amazing docs since the accident, and we are praising God for his provision.

I have cancelled any further appointments with the pediatric ortho doc (who has been completely wonderful) until we have further answers on Eliz's lung condition. I will follow up with her once we know more details about Eliz's lungs in case we need to revisit some bone issues - which at this point the MRI has revealed a clean bill of bone health!!!

Keep praying for answers, and pray for my sanity as we drive all over the place getting the right care for all of us!

And a brief update of the rest of us:
- Mat's wound has completely healed!
- Mat sees an ortho doc next week to find out what's wrong with his knee - speculation of a torn meniscus.
- I am in my 5th week of physical therapy and seeing small bits of improvement already!
- The Highlander is back in the shop for the 2nd round of fixing b/c we were very disappointed in the first fixing. We are currently driving a BRAND NEW GMC Acadia as a rental.
- We have not purchased a 2nd car for Mat, but we are borrowing a very nice Honda from Mat's mom's husband's mother who also lives in Orlando and has been very generous to lend it to us!
- Our house in Dacula is currently on the market! We are waiting on an inspection and appraisal, and we are heavily praying that it's appraised for what we are selling it for!
- Mat cracked a tooth & gets it fixed Thursday.
- I get braces Thursday of this week.
- I am going to an arthritis doc, and we think I have osteoarthritis and sjogrens. Further tests are being run to check the diagnosis :(
- We have had a flood in our bathroom (again) so repair guys have been here for a week trying to solve the flooding problem. SOooo glad we are renting!
- And as if we don't have enough chaos in our life, we are starting school MONDAY!

Shewee...that's a list. But our spirits are all positive, and we are so thankful for God's constant provision!!!

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