Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Andrew cracks me up b/c he has to be fully clothed at all times. It's even an ordeal to take his shirt off at the swimming pool...that is until the other night. He had his first sleepover. His friend took off his shirt and put on PJ pants...and that was what he was going to sleep in. Andrew wanted to be cool too so he took off his shirt and slept in PJ pants.

We got home from the YMCA, and my shirt smelled like burnt oil from our extinct dryer (a friend gave us a 2 year old Maytag dryer for FREE - praise Jesus!) so I took it off. Then Andrew followed my lead. He took off his shirt too...and it has remained off for the afternoon.

Of course, sweet little Lizzy couldn't be outdone so she promptly said, "My shirt smells too. Please take it off." So she went on to nap shirtless :)

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