Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, March 24, 2011


We have had a fun filled March packed with visits from friends, lots of field trips, fiestas, and just busy bustling days! That's why when friends invited us to go camping, I thought that we already had too much on our plate. I'm so glad that I didn't turn down the opportunity. We decided that we'd go for just one night. That one night was packed full of so much fun that we can't wait to go back again.

We camped at Kelly Park which is just about 45 minutes directly North of our house. Kelly Park is in Apopka, Florida, and is also home to Rock Springs. We were able to stay on the same site as friends (Andrew's piano teacher, fellow homeschool friends, sweet Christians who love Jesus, and just some really REAL and genuine down to earth fun people). They were camping with another family. We fell in love with that family too, and we thoroughly enjoyed our trip. The fam we met up with is an avid Boy Scout family, and they provided us with lots of entertainment around the campfire. They did songs, story telling and skits. The led us in an old fashioned water balloon fight (no worries, the water balloons are biodegradable these days), they lite up the fire with lots of colors with a special trick, and they had just about everything a camper would need plus more to share with us!

The kids favorite part was floating down the GOD made lazy river in the Springs. The families were generous and shared inner tubes so we didn't even need to rent them. Even Lizzy joined in the floating, but the 72 degree water was enough to keep me watching from the coast. I couldn't capture the beauty of the springs (or all the freakish rednecks camped along the edge of the water either) so you're just gonna have to make a stop at the springs yourself to see the beauty!

Mat and I kept thinking...we LIVE here! It was an amazing trip...one that we will be experiencing again one of these days...and hopefully with the same 2 wonderful families!

The kids were wiped slap out when we got home. Poor little Lizzy fell asleep with food in her mouth on the way home. She drooled the food out of her mouth. She woke up when we got home, walked inside, and fell asleep just inside the house on the school room floor for well over an hour! I was pretty tired myself, but I managed to get Andrew to swimming practice where he swam like a tired fish for a half hour. We all enjoyed an early bedtime!

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