Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A New December

It is hard to imagine that we have been living in Florida for 7 months now. I am so used to traveling for months at a time that this move has almost just seemed like another one of our road trips. It's now really settling in that we LIVE here.

The weather is perfect. We've been having 80 degree days since September, and finally Dec. 1 hit along with the first cold snap of the season. It's COLD out there, and we had a hard time finding our coats yesterday when we took an impromptu trip to Downtown Disney. I finally just grabbed costumes for the kids, and I found a sweater for myself.

There is so much to do around here, and it's hard to remember that I don't have to fit everything into each season b/c I will be here next year at this time to get to enjoy what I missed out on this year. Disney does holidays just like they do anything...very well! Christmas is no different. They have giant gingerbread houses all over the place with hidden Mickey's in them. You can stand in front of the gingerbread forever just searching for hidden Mickeys...and we have done that. I want to check all of them out this season, but I don't know if there will be time to get to them all.

I am a planner to my core. I love planning small things, big things, parties, craft days, and especially birthdays! Right now I'm in the midst of planning Andrew's "family" birthday celebration. We always do a friend party for his 1/2 birthday since his birthday is during likely the busiest season of the year, but we like to make his real birthday just as special. This year, I have outdone myself...almost all free! I'm so excited, and I can't wait to share the surprise!

I'm also very excited b/c my bib sis called me yesterday to discuss Christmas plans. She wants to come HERE for Christmas! We flew to her new home in Albany, NY to spend the holidays with her family last year, and we had SO much fun together. I hope we can be as good of hosts as they were for us! Just being together will be wonderful!

I love this time of year. I said Fall was my favorite season...and I guess it still is Fall :)

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