Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 25, 2010

Princess & the Pea

It's official. I've seen signs of it, but after watching her eat a hamburger and gag on the minuscule pieces of fat or gristle in the meat, I'm sure of it. She then proceeded to spit it out of her mouth in pure diva fashion. Seriously, I only buy the best beef around and mostly lean at that. How could she have found something that yucky in it? My daughter IS the princess in the story Princess and the Pea or is she just her mother's daughter?

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  1. I read every word of your blog and I'm sitting here hysterical trying to hold it down so no one in the office hears me! You are a wonderful writer, Gen, and a great story teller! I have added you to my favorites list and will try to come back often! Do you have a Webcam and Skype? Robin