Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

creation of the blog

I'm sitting at home board right now. I have things to say, but the kids are in bed and my husband is working. I've got lots of friends who blog. I read several blogs both from people I know and people I don't know. I've considered starting my own for a while now.

There are two particular blogs I love reading.

One girl writes about the funny things (well, funny to me) that happen with a house full of children. I can't even remember how many children she has, and it's obvious that this is a blog from someone I've never met. I don't even know how I found this blog, but I love it b/c I love to laugh at the challenges she faces. They are real. They are sometimes horrible. They are truthfully hilarious! I started reading her blog when most people had never heard of her. Now millions of people read it, and she has even written a book (which I have not read simply b/c I don't have the band width to read much right now). I'll continue reading her blog as long as she writes. I love that lady.

Another girl writes about the reality of her life. It is a breath of fresh air b/c it's so wonderful to see that other people go through some of the same things I go through. Her blog talks about her children, her relationship with her Savior, her relationship with her husband and other family members. She discusses her job, her feelings, and the daily grind. I love it because it is real. It is sometimes silly. It is serious. It is REAL life. I feel a kinship with her though I barely know her.

I don't know what my blog will end up being. I feel that my life is on the brink of change, but I don't know what God has in store for me. I hope whoever reads this will experience adventures with my family, the Hathaways, as we experience the good, the bad, and the funny one moment at a time. Enjoy the ride!

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