Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Precious Moments

Having 2 HIGHly energetic, passionate, intelligent, and fierce and independent children, it's hard to remember those times where they are just plain sweet. I captured a few of those today that I'd like to share.

Today at lunch, my daughter and I thanked Jesus for our PB&J which honestly I wasn't very thankful for b/c I wanted a club sandwich from Jason's deli. Only problem is that the closest Jason's is about 45 min from my house. I became more thankful when I saw (through closed eyes of course since I was praying) my daughter clasp her hands and bow her head in prayer. After I finished the blessing, she repeated "A-men." I almost cried!

We then had play time while we anxiously watched the minutes tick away before we went to pick up big brother. She must have heard a noise that sounded like the garage door b/c she dropped everything (purse, lipstick, sunglasses, salt/pepper shakers from her kitchen, and truthfully the entire kitchen sink, and she took off toward the garage door squealing "Dadda-dadda-dadda." It broke my heart to see her stand their in anticipation waiting for her father (who was NOT home yet) to open the door.

I decided to distract her by putting her on the potty. After all, she has become QUITE interested lately. I even got the little potty out of hiding, brushed off the cobwebbs and let her have a go. My was she proud of herself even if all she did was sit there with her pants hovering around her little ankles. I took pics which I will try to post on FB soon.

Last but not least, I must admit that I do some super crazy things in the name of entertainment. On the way home from picking brother up, we decided to sing our entire conversation. It was super rewarding (and touched my pride b/c I was turning into crazy mom FOR my children) when my children giggled and continued on with the singing convo. Even the baby was singing. Only her song was all about "Jesus - A-men." My son was super self conscious (must be a 5 year old thing b/c he was never like that before) blushing and all when he sang back. He does have a very lovely singing voice if I do say so myself - unlike his crazy mom!

I have had a wonderful day. It's even more wonderful now that I have the coupons clipped, plans to go out to dinner with adults, and my children have had a LONG nap! Life is good :)


  1. Genny,You are the best. I love your blogs. Finally figured out how to get to them. Dummy Me. You are a wonderful Mom and you guys have amazing kids. I am so proud of you and Mat. I love my grandkids and you all too.

    Love Leah

  2. Genny, I love your blog too and as a Grandmother raising a 4.5 yo I soo relate to you! Soo wish that our Caity could play with your A! Caity never meets a stranger and even goes from table to table @ the restaurant introducing herself..we almost have that under control..but she just cant seem to understand STRANGER DANGER! ..
    We too have a HUGE decision about school and your insight is helping me get it all into perspective! Will be praying..Please pray for us too! You have the BEST mom in the World and a great dad too..Love them to death. Thankful to know your sweet family!
    Love, Carol N