Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poop Art and Unwelcome Re-aquaintances

It was just that kind of day.

My son is sick with strep. He had to stay home from school today as a result. I was secretly rejoicing inside b/c I would get to sleep in rather than wake up in a tizzy to get him to school on time or so I thought. Instead, I was rudely awakened by dozens of sirens rushing to a small fire nearby as was told to me by a friend on Facebook. So 7:30 was my late morning. I got up, RAN to get my coffee which was already prepared by my loving husband, and I grabbed a quick shower before the baby woke up.

I heard babbling from the baby so I rushed to get her. As I stepped out of my room, I was blown away by a horrific smell. I knew that smell. As I approached my daughter's room the smell got stronger. Oh yes, I knew that smell all too well. Regretfully, I opened the door, and I was right. Only it wasn't contained anymore. Yep, poop art. I scooped that baby up, and rushed her straight to the only place that could contain the mess, and I watched the little poopies dance down the drain. Great start to my day but not all that different from any other day.

I had to take that baby (and unfortunately her big brother too) to the doc for her wellness appointment and shots. Fun times. I love my ped. The whole practice is pretty great. They treat me special, and I have made friends there. How could I not after being there a minimum of once a week for the past several months?

I had to fill out paperwork...LOTS of paperwork. Have you ever done that with a toddler running around before? It's really Impossible! However, that wasn't the worst of my distractions. I heard a familliar voice...one from the past. Could it be? Oh yes, and she remembered me too. Admit it, we all have them, people that we want to avoid - no, RUN from.

I taught this woman's son in first grade several years ago. There's no way to tell it but that she made my life H-E-double hockey sticks the whole 6 months that this boy was in my class. Oh the stories I could tell you about this lady. I was greeted by mean notes from this lady each day. Many days she would "pop in" just to make me miserable. Her son was strange. She said he was intelligent, but not by my observation. He basically just sat there acting very pacular. He rarely if ever did his work, and I was never so glad to say goodbye to a student as I was when he left my classroom on the last day of school. Today, she sung my praises. I'm thankful for that, but I'm more thankful that I never have to see her again - at least here's to hoping anyway.

Turns out she is now on to making other people miserable. She was yelling at someone on the phone when she entered the office, the other workers were very aware that she was crazy, and even my sweet kind hearted doctor made mention of her "she already knows everything" attitude. So sad that she has made such a bad impression on everyone, but at least I don't have to deal with her anymore.

The baby got her shots and a prescription for strep too. The baby is now napping, and I'm just wondering how to get all this "poop art" cleaned up with a broken washing machine.

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