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Our Family

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Funnies that could have won us money


My little darlin is just the sweetest girl.  She is that kid who waits until last to make sure that everyone else has had a chance to go.  She is the one who watches out for others, and often puts others before herself.  She is often found with a young friend in her lap, and she will spend hours just smelling the flowers.  This sweet personality puts her in a position that is easy to tease, and we did just that over Memorial Day weekend while friends were visiting.

Darlin' was eating an ice cream bar (something that rarely is allowed anymore at our house), and she had to go potty...immediately.  So she handed me her beloved sweet treat, and asked me not to eat it.  My hubby had just finished his ice cream bar (don't fret - it was a sugar free something kind of bar), and he traded his empty stick for Darlin's nearly bite free ice cream bar.  So when Darlin' came out of the bathroom, she saw the empty stick and truly thought that I had eaten her treat.  The poor thing just started crying those giant alligator tears that squirt all over the place like in cartoons.  Hubby ran over and handed her HER ice cream, and even still she could not stop crying AND she started laughing at the same time.  It was just the most pathetic sad little thing you ever could see.  She finally gained control, and finished her treat while the rest of us were left wishing we had thought to video the whole episode.  We felt bad for teasing her, but it was also so stinking funny that we surely would have won America's Funniest Videos - likely even the grand prize.

Darlin' is such a sweet child.  She is so carefree and fun loving.  She could care less about scholarly things while she cares a great deal about nature and feelings.  A harsh word tips her over the edge, and she loves -I mean loves- to be outside.  Our favorite place to visit is Elizabeth Park.  It is fairly close to our house, and the park is filled with flowers - of all kinds.  It is famous for it's giant rose garden complete with dozens of arched rose bushes that you can run through...and it's just beautiful.  We go there almost weekly, and the children have found a special spot where the trees make you feel like you're playing in a little fort.  The kids call it "their fort," and they get quite anxious when others are in this spot.  It's not surprising that we took some very dear friends to this park while they visited on Memorial Day.  The kids were able to run safely around the rose garden under all the arches free.  It was all going so well until I noticed Darlin' running without her shoes (nor did I see them anywhere).  I called to her to see if she could point me to them, and her response was to look around frantically and then run off shouting "flippy floppies."  She is a doll!  She said, I just put them under an arch (mind you there are likely 2 dozen arches), and her little pink flip flops look like little pink flowers.  It took a few minutes with 4 adults and 4 kids searching, but we found them.

Little man also had quite an eventful week.  He got new spectacles -first time ever spectacles- last Saturday.  He was so excited about them until we got to our CC practicum last week and immediately several children made fun of him.  Little punks...I could have busted their chops right then and there, and it was only God's grace that kept me from doing just that.  He gave them to me quietly and told me he never wanted to wear them again.  I've had a struggle getting him to wear them ever since.  They look rather sharp on him, and a sweet young lady friend told him so.  I had hoped her opinion would have been more valuable than this little CC friends, but I'm still not able to get him to wear them in public.  Thankfully, they are just reading glasses.

I'll wrap this very winded post by telling a funny story about Little Man.  I got a night guard today -oh joy- and the kids came along to the dentist to cheer me on.  I really think they just enjoy watching the TV while I see the dentist.  In the middle of the whole thing, they got thirsty so I allowed them to get a cup of water from the dentist.  First, Darlin' went to turn on the faucet, and no water came on.  It turns out it's one of those that you step on a foot thingy to get the water on, but she didn't know that.  I helped her get it figured out.  Then Little Man (who had stepped out of the room for a minute) asked if he could get water too.  Darlin' and I just laughed and watched as he could NOT figure out how to get the water on.  I was telling him he had to jump and hold his breath at the same time, he hand to way abracadabra, make his hands to magic...all kinds of craziness.  Best part was that he really believed me, and he tried each thing to get the water to work.  He even put his cup right under the water so that if it did come on, he'd at least get water in the cup.  Darlin' and I were dying.  It was a great comedy act - especially after the horrible procedure I had to go through today.  He finally figured it out, and he laughed at himself too.  The kid is so gullible, but that's one thing he has going for him...he laughs at himself instead of taking things personally.  I love my Little Man!

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