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Our Family

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Famous Quote for the Day

I find it quite ironic coming from the south and moving to the great north that people in the South say "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute."  Upon knowledge of our move to New England, I went to the library and checked out several books about Connecticut to learn about our new state (and teach my children about where we were moving).  I was surprised to learn that the above mentioned quote was by Mark Twain, and it did not reference the south at all.  It referenced the continuously changing weather in New England...specifically Connecticut.  He goes on to give a quite lengthy, whitty, and quite incredible speech.  I'd encourage you to take a minute to read his speech.  It's very entertaining and worth the few minutes you spend reading it.


Somewhere (and if I find it I'll blog about it), there is another quote about the weather changing in CT 56 times during a day.  I love that quote as it is very realistic to our new home.

Considering the violent weather changes we have experienced in the past three weeks that have ended in our nearly 30 inches of snow, it's quite appropriate.  It has been quite a warm winter with weather in the 40's and 50's.  It dropped to single digits for a minute there (or a couple days), and then went back to the 30's before we "found Nemo."  My son thinks that Nemo is an awful name for the blizzard, but I think it's pretty fitting for this Disney loving chic who moved from Magic Kingdom to CT.  It's only fitting that a storm should be named after a Disney movie.

I will blog further about our snowstorm.  I want to have pictures to show as I explain our adventures and experiences of the past weekend.  I say that now as we watch the snow melt before our eyes as the warm rain is steadily pounding on our winter wonderland causing our world to turn into a giant slushy.  And no, I do not wish I was back in Florida enjoying the warm, beautiful weather.  I much prefer my seasons and the experiences that I can share with my children as a result of the constantly changing weather.  However, I will gladly visit Florida so I can to enjoy the beautiful weather and adventures we can have there as often as my finances allow.

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