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Our Family

Friday, June 7, 2013

Snowstorm of 2013 - Nemo I think

I never did get around to sharing about the giant snowstorm that we had this past winter.  First of all, we got lots of snow throughout the winter.  I don't know how the amount of snow we got this winter stacked up against any other winter since this was our first full winter season living in Connecticut.  We found the amount of snow to be lots of fun, lots of work and just plain ole fun.  We bought all new snow attire - down coats for everyone, gloves, snow boots, snow pants (I didn't find any for me yet, but I'll survive), and long johns (which I wore often).

We lived here for a winter 7 years ago, and we got a giant-shut-down-the-city kind of snowstorm back then.  However, this winter, we got more snow than the city had seen since the 1800's.  It snowed all night one Friday night, and by morning, we opened the back door to 29 inches of snow.  We immediately had to plow a path for the doggie to go potty (which took a couple of hours).  By Saturday afternoon, the plows had already cleared a path down our street (that's our West Hartford taxes hard at work).

We took off Saturday to play with friends in the snow, but Sunday, it took nearly 5 hours to clear our driveway (and that was with a snowplow).  I could see how that much work would get old, but I could handle that once a season.  That snow stuck around until Spring in giant mounds on the sides of the road and in parking lots.  The snow was taller than the dog so we couldn't see her running around in our snow paths.  The piles formed on the side of the roads were taller than my hubby.  The kids had lots of fun making a snow fort in some of that tall clearing (although I was a bit concerned that the snow would fall on them causing them to suffocate).  The roads were cleared in West Hartford immediately, but other towns had to wait days to get cleared out.  I hope you enjoy the photos of our snow.  I'm enjoying these fond memories knowing that it is now warm outside :)

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  1. I had forgotten all of the details of this ... it's crazy to see snow pictures now that summer is officially here :) These are some great memories!