Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another Summer...Long Gone

Maybe living in a box would be easier? This summer has come at us hard and fast! Of course, when you move from one end of the country to the other, there will be challenges. We are settling in quite well, we've found great doctors, met great friends, have a great homeschool group, we found a wonderful church, we've unpacked (and it's *mostly* organized - though the clutter around this place still drives me crazy), and life is trucking along. School started for us last week. We enjoyed a nice long break that started with our move, and so it was some much needed routine to add to our daily life. I think we all needed that! Andrew is doing great. I've actually made real life lesson plans for him, and he enjoys checking off the completed work. I'm surprised that we didn't lose any ground with being out of school for several weeks...go Andrew! I'd love to figure out a way to get it all done faster so we can have more time for fun, but we'll get the kinks works out! Lizzy has flipped a switch, and all she wants to do is learn. She's really the one who started this fire for learning and pushed our start date up. She can now write most of her letters (with a smidge of prompting), and she loves to write the name of her new friend...over and over). She is also working on her numbers, but she isn't as excited about those pesky little details as she is about writing her friend's notes with real letters! She is such a girl! We're dealing with some issues recently that are no fun at all. There's no drama there - just a lot of unwanted responsibility that has surmounted into a great big ball of stress on our shoulders. Nothing that can't be cared for with a little bit of good ole fashioned hard work. It doesn't help that school started along with our crazy diet all at the same time. I really should have done a better job planning all this so it wouldn't come at once, but some of it really couldn't be scheduled. It's always the surprises that really add the stress anyway. So off to physical therapy I go to work on one of those issues right now! So that's why I think living in a box would be easier. There wouldn't be a need to worry about money, cleaning, or moving. It would just simplify so much. I'll try to post pics soon of my cutie pies learnin away! I'm so proud of those babies...who keep growing even though I've demanded that they stop :)

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