Our Family

Our Family

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Momma is Sick

Many of you know that my mom has cancer. She had breast cancer 19 years ago, and after that long, the cancer returned. She had surgery a few months ago, and now she's going through chemo. It's really taking a toll on her, and she is in pretty rough shape. I could go into the details (and I'll be happy to if you want to message me privately or call me or my family), but it's not fun. She's recently had a more difficult experience where she had to spend time in the hospital, and we weren't sure if she would be with us any longer. She is home now, and she's very ill. They are trying to arrange home nurse care for her. I'm writing, first of all, to ask you to pray for her. She doesn't want to finish chemo, she is very ill, and she needs encouragement. If you want to send her a card (rather than call - she is in a lot of pain), please message me for her address. I know I have lots of friends out there that may or may not know her directly, but it would be awesome if you would write her a note to encourage her...even if you want your child to make a card. I'm sure she would love that!!! Second of all, I'm writing to ask for some of you to help if you can. I know that I have friends all over the country (and even abroad), and for some of you, just praying or sending a card of encouragement will be enough. There are lots of other ways people can help. I also know that if I don't ask for help, people won't know the needs. So here goes: They have arranged a Care Calendar for meals. If you go to www.carecalendar.org, you can see that Stephanie (a close family friend) has arranged a way for friends to sign up to take meals to the Hagood house. You'll need to use the Calendar ID: 106493 and Security Code: 2453 to find my mom's name, Debbie Hagood. At the beginning, it's my understanding that lots of people were willing to help with meals, but since this hasn't been a short term illness, help has fallen by the wayside as the sickness continues. Their address is listed on the care calendar so if you want to call in for some sort of take out delivery, you can even do that. Mom could also use friends to help sit quietly by her side during the day while the rest of the family is at work. I've heard she needs a steady hand to help her to the restroom, and she needs encouragement to drink liquid and take her meds. She gets tired very easily so if you have a little extra time and would like to take your computer or a good book to their house for the day, I'm sure they would welcome that kind of help. The environment has to be sterile so if you have a passion for cleaning or feel led to help in this way, that is another need. That's not a fun thing to ask someone to do, but I want to be honest with the needs so that you can help as the Lord directs you. Finally, my mom has been the care taker for my precious grandfather. Recently, his health deteriorated beyond the point where he could live alone, and he was moved into a nursing home type care facility. My father is currently trying to get my grandfather's house ready to put on the market for sale. My dad has done a lot of work over there already (the house is in Lilburn just 2 miles from where my parents live), but there is still a lot of work to be done. So if any of you are handy, I'm sure he would love to have even a little help. He's quite overwhelmed with all the things going on at once, and he (my dad) has Parkinson's disease and isn't fully well himself. We are trying to figure out details and make arrangements to get to Atlanta for a little bit too. It's very expensive to travel to and from Atlanta to Connecticut so we're just working on all that. Hopefully, we can get there to spend some time with them. So there are the needs for which you can pray or help as you feel led. The power of prayer is amazing in itself, and I can't wait to share the amazing way our prayers are answered.

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