Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall...How I Have Missed Thee

Sunday morning, we woke up to a breezy beautiful day...Fall was definitely in the air(although we started singing "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas" since the coolest days in Florida that even slightly resembled that feeling we felt on Sunday morning make us think it's Christmas - er at least that's how the kids feel). I, on the other hand, remember Fall quite well, and Oh how I have missed my favorite season! The cool breeze that brings with it a wonderful aroma. If I could make a candle that smelled like that, I'd be in heaven. There is nothing else on earth that resembles the smell of fall...only God can do that! The leaves are already starting to change colors here, and while I haven't seen any start falling yet, I'm sure that will happen soon enough. I can't wait to visit a corn maze and see the beautiful colors on the trees in the mountains. I think a trip to the Adirondacks is in order for my first Northern Fall. I'm most excited about my children learning about this most wonderful season. Ohh...I can't wait!

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