Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am so frustrated with myself. I had it all together today. Things were rolling along smoothly. The kids even liked their lunches – which is a first since we took away all their little sugary snacks and sugar during their meals…oh and gluten. I was kinda feeling like a super hero when we left to embark on our walk to an appointment in the center of town. I was giddy about being a few minutes early – 10 to be exact. I opened the door to a room filled with people, and the lady at the front called my name. She started to tell me that I wasn’t 10 minutes early…”you’re appointment was 20 minutes ago, and this room is full of people for the 2:30 appointment.” Ugh! To top it off, both children started screaming in the very full room while the lady was telling me I was late, and totally shattered my happy bubble that I had been living in all day and just a few seconds before. The staff apologized to me, and I was “sure” that they were incorrect. I walked home upset and more anxious to see what time the appointment sheet said. With each step, I scolded myself knowing full well that out of all that had been going so well, I’m not good with the tiny details like noticing a slight difference to my normal appointment (which was normally 2:30 & supposedly 2:00 today). Sure enough, the appointment for this one day only read 2:00. I’ve sent the kids to their rooms for a little while so I could vent my frustration here rather than on their sweet little bottoms. I know it’s the little things that Satan uses to tear me down. He was successful for the walk home, but I’m not gonna let him steal the joy from the remainder of my day. Now, I’m off to go teach my children that even Momma makes mistakes. However, they have to learn to control themselves as I have to control myself when I mess up.

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