Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 4, 2012


As I sit here, in my new home (the Residence Inn in Southington, CT), I ponder all the changes that we've gone though as a family. Mat & I were married 10 years ago. We bought a house. I graduated from college and taught school for a year. We had a baby boy. We owned a BBQ restaurant. Mat changed careers which led to so many changes starting with a contract job where we stayed in this exact same hotel for nearly 5 months (kinda foreshadowing in a weird kinda way). We spent the next few years traveling with Mat's job to so many cities I can hardly remember them all. We had a baby girl. We moved to Florida. 2 years later we moved to Connecticut where we are now. You would think with all the travel and all the different seasons in life, I would be more relaxed about change. At least, I thought it would be easier. While the changes are ok, I find myself extremely impatient with the differences. I get lost going everywhere. You can't talk on the phone while driving. Everywhere I look is different than anything I've ever seen before. The grocery stores are different. I could run into any Publix blindfolded and find everything quickly, but there are no Publix stores here. Instead, the new stores take an hour for me to find simple sandwich fixings and ingredients to one meal. Yesterday, it took both Mat and me an hour to find the ingredients for just dinner. By the time we left the store, we were all 4 cranky and tired. Even the people look different here. I know changes take time, and I know that I need to be patient. Moving to New England is what we both wanted, and I really do love it here. I love looking out the window to see beautiful *unmanicured* trees, flowers, and bushes and elevation that isn't completely flat. I love watching the clouds flow past the mountain tops even on dreary overcast days. I love the very unique style of homes here, and I especially love the way this move has already changed our lives. I am so excited about the possibilities here. We get to enjoy Mat being home every weekend. We get to live life as a family, and Mat gets to enjoy his passion for broadcast. With those things alone, the possibilities are endless.

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