Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, May 24, 2012


My son whistles. ALL. The. Time. It's gotten so bad that he's started doing it even in his sleep. Mostly he whistles random sounds, but his favorite is that wootwoo...you know the one that you make when you see something/one pretty. He's gotten into lots of trouble making that sound, and we've done the best we can to encourage him to STOP! So we were walking in the mall today when along came a rather scantily clad girl in her 20's, and just so you can get the full picture of my mortification, her top was nearly completely exposed. Fortunately, my sweet little innocent children did NOT see this young girl or notice her appearance. It was at the exact moment that this girl passed us when Andrew whistled none other than his wootwoo. I turned toward him in horror as though he knew what he had done, but there he was just staring at the floor none the wiser for what he had just done. I turned my head to see who all had heard, and it was clear that the girl noticed as well as several other people around us in the mall...people who were probably all thinking the very thing that had just come out of Andrew's innocent mouth. They were giggling, and I *hope* that girl was significantly embarrassed. I wanted to shrink into the floor or hide and pretend that I didn't know my little boy. Instead, not wanting to draw attention to the girl (I noticed that neither of my children were privy to the scene around them) I just strolled along. I didn't giggle, I didn't chastise Andrew for whistling, I just walked *quickly* away. And yes, later, I did give Andrew a reminder not to use the wootwoo b/c it was inappropriate. I didn't tell him about the situation he created earlier though. I think I need some duct tape unless anyone else has any ideas as to how to stop his whistler!

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