Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

But We Don't Live There Anymore

My children are at great ages. I wish I could freeze them right where they are. The years are going by too quickly. They are the best of friends right now, and of course, often nag each other to death in the same breath. Elizabeth keeps us in stitches. She loves to make up stories and talking. All. The. Time. Lately, she's been telling lots of stories about things we used to do in our old house, and after each story, she says, "but that is not our house anymore" or "but we don't live there anymore." I wish I could put the inflection she uses in writing. It's just the cutest thing. She's also started telling some doozies like how if something happens that's unexplainable, she says, the birds came in and did it. I think she has it out for the birds ever since that one bird stole her french fry right out of her hand. Andrew is at the perfect age to be the best at competing in games of all kinds. We've been playing Uno together (which Elizabeth can even competitively join us on that game), we've played lots of Skipbo, but we've also added Phase 10, Sequence and even Settlers into our game repertoire. I managed to remember to pack those games to bring with us to the hotel, and we've shared countless hours in competition with one another. I love it, and I especially love that he shares my passion for both game playing and good ole competition! We've enjoyed a little bit of a slower pace here, and it's a pace I could certainly get accustomed to. While our pace has slowed down, our social life has not. We have had several play dates already with new friends and friends from our past. The kids have enjoyed meeting and playing with friends, and it's done our heart good to be so readily accepted by everyone. I feel like we didn't even skip a beat when we moved here, but I'm sure it's all part of God's plan for our family. It's so great to be right in the center of His will. It makes even a 1225 mile move go smoothly!
She can't let big brother go anywhere without tagging behind. Even if she has to run double time to keep up. Here is Lizzy "reading" a story to Andrew. She uses a lot of inflection when she reads.

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