Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Tummy Bug

Disclaimer *not for the faint of heart or those who dislike bodily fluid discussions.

We have had a touch of the tummy bug going around our house. It started with Elizabeth and passed to Mat & Andrew. For the most part, it's been so mild that we've continued with life at a regular pace. I just thought maybe we ate a little too much spice or foods that were disagreeable to tummies. I'm made of steel with a decent immune system so I typically don't share bugs with my family. I honestly thought nothing of this tummy bug until Andrew made a few pleas for me to take him to the doctor - something I NEVER hear from Andrew. It accumulated to the point where Andrew would sit on the potty with a trash can in front of him, but he never used the trash can. Until last night when he yelled, "Mom, get the trash can." I said, "You won't need it, baby." And then he sat back really far on the potty and proceeded to throw up on the same potty with which he sat with nary a drop on him or outside of the potty. Then he hollered, "TOLD YA!" at me like with as much attitude as if he were 100% healthy and the before mentioned incident had never even happened.

It send me over the edge...with giggles. I couldn't even stand upright b/c I was beside myself with laughter. I had to get Mat, the much more sympathetic of the two (and praise Jesus I have him to temper me), to take care of Andrew who after he lost his supper seemed 100% rearing and ready to go. I did make him shower quickly and go to bed a bit early, but he's been up and totally fine all day today.

I find the tummy bug to be an interesting little booger. It rears it's ugly head at the most peculiar of times and vanishes just as quickly. My children seem to suffer with it quite a bit especially poor Andrew. I wish it would go away and never return.

We're laying low today to give our tummies a little extra rest, and we hope to be back to our regular routine again tomorrow. In the meantime, Lizzy is doing her best to make our lives difficult with her "spunky-tude." She brings us a lot of laughter and a lot of grief all in that one little bundle of 3 year old that she totes around with her. She's currently sleeping, but she has been taking all her clothes off and putting them on her baby doll starting with her shoes. Then she proceeded to wash her hands, clothes and everything else in the bathroom with half a bottle of soap - the kind that's hard to come off (Thanks Bath and Body Works), but you can't say that the bathroom isn't spotless now!

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  1. Genny this is priceless. We really do have get your laughter under control when Andrew Barfs. You are more funny than him. Looking forward to seeing you soon.I love these posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!