Our Family

Our Family

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Monday - sing it like the song

Mondays are likely my busiest day of the week. We rush around from one activity to another fitting school in somewhere along the way. I've often felt like I'm going crazy on these hectic days. I call Monday our "extracurricular day." Here's how our Mondays look:

Physical Therapy - Mat and I have back to back PT so we can trade off the kids. We get up extra early to rush out the door prepared for the day. Mat and I both love going to PT, and the kids don't mind it either. We are both healing up nicely as a result of our hard work!

Piano - Andrew has piano lessons right after lunch. He has been taking lessons from a dear friend of mine (who has also taught piano for over 30 years and is a fellow homeschooling Christian lady - love her!!) since June of 2010. He's doing will, and I'm constantly amazed by his passion for it and his talent. One of my favorite times of day is listening to him practice.

Art - Andrew is taking a class from a mom. He sketches and paints and learns all about art from an expert who teaches classes in our area. She also homeschools her children, has an art degree, and she is a sweet Christian lady who is a part of one of our homeschool groups.

Soccer - As if we didn't have enough on Mondays, we have a late soccer practice from 6:30 to 7:30. I honestly LOVE this time of day b/c it's a little cooler. I put Elizabeth in childcare at the YMCA while I sit watching Andrew practice with a book in my hand. It's one of the few times I get to read, and I thoroughly enjoy sitting in the sunshine reading while my boy gets his exercise. He has quite a competitive streak, and he scored his first goal on Saturday. His coach even admired his competitive aggressive nature on the field and his sweet encouragement on the sidelines.

We were all prepared to enjoy show and tell time with a homeschool co-op every 3rd Monday, but for now, that's a little much. We do still fit in quite a bit of school between all our Monday activities, and Andrew just loves his fun filled days. Makes Mondays something to look forward to instead of something to anguish over. And after all our learning today, I still had time to do some laundry, play some games with the kids, pack up some dinner, and sit down to write this blog post!

I love Mondays!

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