Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Update

Several people have lovingly asked how we are doing, and I realized that it's been a while since my last update. I'm never really sure how to answer the question either b/c so much is going on. I struggle between being completely overwhelmed to being at peace. I know that in spite of our challenges right now, I have complete JOY! So as bad as circumstances may seem or as overwhelmed as I may be, I have a peace that passes understand and full joy.

With that being said (and hopefully you understand that we are really OK), I can give a truthful update without sounding complain-y or depressed.

Here goes starting with Elizabeth. She is a mess. She's been transferred into a big girl bed complete with brand new Hello Kitty bedding (it looks like Pepto threw up in her room and it's just adorably pink). However, our little struggling sleeper who hates to sleep at night and has struggled with waking up multiple times is now waking up anywhere between 4am and 6am daily without going back to sleep. She's waking up her brother too so we are all a little sleepy 'round here. She is currently struggling with a tummy bug which I'm sure that the mothers of the children she exposed in preschool today will not enjoy hearing - I swear I didn't know until we got home from school when Mat randomly took her temp and found her to have a low grade temp. Sharing germs is a real friend winner too I tell ya :( She's got a very moody personality. Her highs are fantastic, but her lows are difficult to manage. There is never a dull moment with that little princess. Last night she got bit by a little boy at church. When the teacher told me, I honestly laughed. I said I didn't believe in Carma, but it serves her right after she bit all those kids a little over a year ago when I worked at Golds nursery. The teacher was shocked that I laughed, but she told me Carma is a bit Biblical - what you reap you will sow.

Andrew - the boy is brilliant beyond my understanding. He certainly gets his smarts from his Daddy. He has mellowed out quite a bit (from the parental standpoint). He's still his strong willed, passionate, intense & hard core self, and while we struggle with his mouth getting him in trouble ( b/c he doesn't understand when it's appropriate to quit talking at the point of disrespect), he is a fantastic, self-starting, fiercely independent learner and avid reader that brings joy to those he comes in contact with. I couldn't be more proud of my son. Yes, we have our minor challenges with his strong will and mouth, but he has such a big heart that I think he honestly does learn from his mistakes and does what he can to be the best boy.

Mat - He is currently in his 2nd month of physical therapy at a great rehab facility not too far from our house. He is a tough cookie, and he's intense about his exercises. He often runs 4 miles before PT, and the trainers think he's a little over the top exercise wise. Intensity kinda runs in the fam - kinda a theme around here! He's working hard to overcome the pain, and they are helping him recuperate. He likely won't have feeling back in his knee so some of his injuries are lifelong. At least its numbness and not painful! He's been super busy with continuing to get things fixed and settled. It's been a huge job, and he's been working full time, taking care of repairs, and being a fantastic dad at home. In my book, he's a superstar. He stays so positive no matter what hits us.

Me - I have been struggling in many different areas. I still don't feel well from the wreck, and I'm in my 3rd month of PT. I have lots of headaches and setbacks related to whiplash, and it isn't helping that I have an auto-immune disease. I have lots of inflammation and issues that cause me not to sleep well. I think most of my struggles recently have been a result of sleepy-ness. Between the Sjogrens and headaches and Lizzy waking me up super early in the morning, I've gotten so little sleep that sometimes I don't know how I can stay awake during the day. I'm also struggling quite a bit with relationships. I think that of everything going on I can normally cope well with the business involved, but when you toss in some hurtful friendships/relationships, I'm done. The stress gets to me and causes further pain.

Our highlander (and only car right now) broke down while Mat and I were in physical therapy last night. Fortunately, we drove separately and all piled in the car Mat has been allowed to borrow from his Mother's husband's mom (we call Aunt Sis) who lives in Orlando. We even made it on time to Awana after making the decision to just leave the highlander in the parking lot until this morning. On our way to church, Mat and I were discussing how God has provided for our ever need and most of our wants too. Still, I have such little faith that I continuously get anxious about something like our car breaking. It gave me great comfort this morning when a sweet lady (who had no idea of my situation or struggles) reminded me that nothing we are dealing with comes at a surprise to God. He knows our challenges and struggles - not only that, he has a plan and a purpose for our life. I can have joy knowing that even when I forget about God's provision, he hasn't forgotten about me! How can you not have JOY knowing Christ loves us!

And then I just praise Jesus knowing that his strength is made perfect in my weakness. If God is for us, who can be against us?

So that's how we are doing in a nutshell. Life has been tough, but we have each other and a wonderful support system of loved ones who continually encourage me with their kind words and care for our family. Thank you for loving on my family! You guys are the best!

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