Our Family

Our Family

Monday, May 2, 2011

Random April Happenings

We have had a whirlwind of an April, but every month seems to be like that!

The month started out with a trip to Atlanta where we got to share lots of fun times with friends. We even got to climb Stone Mountain with a great group of peeps, and then we shared a picnic on the lawn in front of the carving. Lovely times!

I was in a wedding at the beginning of April. One of my besties that I've known from middle school got married in downtown Atlanta, and the wedding could not have been more beautiful - nor could the bride. I spent 3 days with the wedding party, and it was so relaxing and fun. Mat had the kids, and they had so much fun with their Papa. Andrew especially bonded with Papa as they fixed a toilet together, made a walking stick and stuck together like glue. Andrew cried for Papa on the way home from Atlanta back to Orlando, and it melted my heart.

The following week, a precious girl AMY came to visit us in Orlando while Mat took his annual trip to NAB in Vegas. Amy helped me with the kids, and we had a packed out week of fun. Our favorite trip was a day trip to the coast. We went to Ponce Inlet where we visited the lighthouse, ate a delicious lunch on a pier while we watched dolphins playing in the water, drove onto a beach and played at the water for a great afternoon, walked down a gorgeous pier, and ended the day with the most amazing cinnamon rolls any of us had ever tasted at a little seafood restaurant. Amy stayed for a full week, and we are excited to have her come back soon for the summer!!!

Andrew finished up kindergarten. This past Friday was his last day of school. The parents were invited to the school for a performance. I was delighted that Andrew had the leading roll of Daniel Boone in the play, and he did fantastic. I hope to get a video of the program as Mat wasn't able to see it. I believe Andrew found his calling in acting. He was so good!!! I have to find an outlet for his acting abilities!

Lizzy is potty training heavily...and even wearing panties. I'm super excited to ditch diapers, and Z is pretty proud of herself!

While Andrew is technically finished with school for the year, we are going to continue learning throughout the summer. We have a whole bunch of field trips planned for the next 3 weeks including a historical trip to Savannah and St. Augustine. I'm very proud of our first year as a home school family. I'd take credit for it, but I'm pretty sure Andrew is just that smart. We are very excited to go to the home school convention here at the end of the month.

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