Our Family

Our Family

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Sweet Little Devil Princess

Elizabeth is the roughest toughest girl on the exterior. She rarely cries because she has been physically hurt. However, she is a complete softy on the inside. She cries b/c her feelings have been hurt.

Today was no different. She was playing rough with her brother and driving me mad. I thought that I wouldn't make it through the morning, and if I did, I thought that she wouldn't. We both made it through. I let her and Andrew play in the tub together - after she peed on the carpet, and I'm pretty sure the boogie man entered my house while they were bathing. The screams in the bathroom likely cause the boogie man to exit the house before we exited the bathroom.

After the kids hopped out of the tub, got dressed, and got their hair done did (always a serious chore with the curly tops & tangles no matter how much conditioner I use), I got to rock Lizzy. We prayed, and I told my sweet girl about how I wanted her to love Jesus first and foremost. I told her about how we sin (like she did all morning long), but that Jesus came as a perfect man so that we didn't have to be - and can't be at that since we are depraved. I explained that Jesus died for us, and she added that she was so upset by the bad men hitting Jesus and pushing him over on his way to the cross. She remembered the stories!!! I was thrilled. So we got to talking about the only way to spend forever with Jesus was to ask him to be in our hear and a allow him to be a part of our life. She said she wanted to do that, and in the sweetest voice she said, "Jesus, please come live in my heart."

I know she's super young, and I'm not very sure she knows quite what all she asked means. I do know that she understood the simple way I explained salvation, and I know that we will continue to teach her the ways of Christ. What an exciting and awesome moment I shared with my daughter today! She is a very special and precious little devil princess!

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