Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today we (my family minus Mat) woke up early and drove across Florida to go to Florida ECO Safari. During the ride over, Lizzy was trying to harass her brother by whispering (b/c she knew she'd get in trouble if I heard her) "boobies" to Andrew. He kept asking her to stop at which she responded by repeating the word at least a hundred times...or quite possibly a thousand. I pretended not to hear her as I giggled from the front seat. Then when it became necessary for me to get involved, I had to force a firm tone free from giggles to get her to stop. Try saying "stop saying boobies" with a straight face.

We (our home school group) got to ride on a huge safari truck for over 2 hours. We learned about animals and nature. We saw some tiny and some gigantic alligators. We watched a sea otter play in the water - adorable! We saw lots of cows and wild horses with their babies. The baby animals were just the cutest. The weather was just perfect....not too hot and just the right amount of breeze! The safari was far away, and while it was pretty wonderful, that most wonderful part was that Lizzy had a dry pullup all the way there, the whole time on the safari AND on the long ride home. Wow! I was so excited that I stopped at a store on the way home and bought her choice of a treat which was a beautiful bunch of sweet smelling flowers (oh, and some pink goggles).

Andrew and her have been at their antics. If you read my facebook, you saw the following 2 posts:

1. We were just sitting at the dinner table eating dinner and conversing so nicely. Then Andrew said, "Daddy, you're the best. At first, I thought you were gonna be kinda lame, but you're the best."

2. Now my children are pretending to work at a restaurant, and they are cooking me things. Lizzy is writing down the orders and making Andrew deliver them to us. She is also requiring payment, and when Mat told her he didn't have money, she told him to wash the dishes.

Since Andrew has officially finished kindergarten, we have taken a more relaxed approach to home schooling for the summer....and the kids are obviously enjoying the little bit of freedom. I'm mostly enjoying their antics (so far), but other at other times, it's just a good thing that underwear still work even when you put them on in-side-out...and yes, I'm talking about my own.

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