Our Family

Our Family

Friday, November 8, 2013

Keeping It Real

Yesterday was the kind of day nightmares come from.  The kids were off their rockers.  Let me set the scene for you...

We drove 2 days down to Georgia for a wedding.  We were in the car for 17.5 hours over those two days.  Then we arrived in Georgia just in time to trick-or-treat.  The neighborhood we trick-or-treated in was serious about Halloween, and the kids got more candy than ever before.  We slept over at a friend's house where the kids had kids to play with, and we all went to bed extremely late and awoke very early every day.  Wedding festivities happened, and the kids were quite lovingly spoiled rotten by dear family members and friends (especially by both of their grandmas).  I didn't mind b/c we never see all our family in one spot since we now live all over the eastern coast.  The kids pretty much ate full on 100% carbs loaded with sugar all weekend long (something they get rationed at home for behavior purposes).  We had so much fun this weekend, and then we hopped back in the car for another 2 day journey home.

Our first day back was filled with chaos.  We were still living out of suitcases from our late night arrival.  We had our CC group meeting, and the kids enjoyed a day with school friends.  The kids definitely learned (a lot b/c CC is pretty amazing), but it was not in the structured, quiet environment of our home where we sit around the dining room table without friends distracting us.  To top it all off, I took Little Missy to the doc to see if she had an ear infection after having a little cold for days, and she tested positive for strep throat (she gets wild when she is sick and never feels sick - it's like someone pumped her up with adrenaline).  So sorry for all those we infected along the way!  I pray no one else gets strep :(

We sat down yesterday morning after all this FUN to do boring work, and the kids were having NONE of it.  They got out of their seats to randomly run around the house every few minutes, did a lot of daydreaming, handed me work to check that was very poorly done, complained a lot, harassed each other, spoke disrespectfully to me and each other, and I could go on and on.  Both of them were difficult, and I disciplined until I was blue in the face.  We were still doing school when Mat got home from work last night.

While I enjoy homeschooling my kids, and while, I post fun things we are learning and doing all the time, it's not all rainbows and pixi dust.  It is real life, and I thought I'd share the ugly side of homeschool too...just to keep it real.

I ate a lot of chocolate last night, and we are all awake with fresh perspective this morning.  Little Missy is already tumbling all over the furniture while Andrew graces us with his beautiful piano music.  I am thankful for this new day!

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