Our Family

Our Family

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mat asks Lizzy on a Date

Mat got on one knee tonight and asked Lizzy on a date.  I wish you could have seen her face.  She was all nervous, totally excited, and anxiously wearing a gigantic smile while waiting to hear what he would ask her while sitting in front of her on one knee.  When he said, "Lizzy, will you go on a date with me" she giggled, and said, "only if I can wear my new church dress."  He said, "do I have to dress up?" and she giggled more "Daddy, you don't have to wear a dress." 

I will have that sweet little interaction etched into my mind forever.  Now, wherever will they go on a date since we don't have Chick-fil-a around?  I'm sure they'll figure out something fun, but CFA sure does make it easy.

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  1. Genny, this is absolutely PRECIOUS. I hope she holds these moments close to her heart for years to come. Mat is so tenderly teaching her through example of how ladies should be treated....it's so heartwarming! I know you'll always treasure this memory!

    Stephanie Spivey