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Our Family

Friday, August 2, 2013

First week of school for 2013-2014

We started school on Monday.  Little Missy was so excited to start K, while Little Mister was a bit reluctant.  I was reluctant to start as well, but I realize that we needed to gradually start getting back into the swing of things now...considering we started summer in May.

And while we are back to school, we are still gradually creeping back into full swing.  We finished our craft class at Michael's.  Here we are in our art class this week:

This was two separate days.  I'll have to take a pic and show off their finished work.  They went crafting around the world in 7 weeks (3 days each week for only $2).  They had 2 really amazing teachers, and we learned how to work with all different types of materials from oil pastels, yarn, paper, acrylic paint, and Madge padge (however you spell that).  We made masks, beautiful watercolors, a thermometer, the Aurora Borealis, and much much more.  The kids loved the class, and I was very impressed with the quality of the class for only $2.

I have only a few pics of the kids working on their school work b/c I was either teaching them or cleaning the disaster of a school room.  I'm quite pleased with all we accomplished, and I'm very happy that my school room is back in order.  Here are my kiddos working:

I think my favorite part of the week has been jumping all into our new Bible curriculum where we are walking through the Old Testament with stick figures through Grapevine Ministries.  I LOVE it, and the kids beg to get started and keep going!

We had special treats for our first week of school.  We had ice cream:
 And here we are at the end of the week enjoying a picnic at the shore of the Farmington River.
 Remember how I said Little Missy was so excited about school while Little Mister wasn't so much.  They both did a great job this week, and Little Missy earned a toy from the treasure box for an exceptional 5 days of school.  Little Mister hopes to earn his reward on Monday as he had a little difficulty getting distracted on day 5.  Here is Missy playing with her new bubble gun - which is pretty awesome and only cost $2 at Michael's.
So here's to a wonderful first week of school.  It wasn't without it's difficulties, but it was much better and more low key than I had anticipated.  I'm also very excited to be ahead of the game so we can take days off here and there as things come up.  That's part of the joy of homeschooling after all!

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