Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Enjoying a Simple Day

My house is a very fun place to be today.  I am thoroughly enjoying my kids.  We had a weird morning as I had a doc appt.  The kids were rock stars and behaved very well.  I think they were anticipating Mommy torture so that prompted them to get ready and out the door without me having to yell hurry a million times too - which helped me since I was extremely stressed about the appt I had.  While I was waiting for the doc, I realized that I had scheduled 3 of the worst appts you could possibly schedule all in one week.  Fortunately, the first of the 3 doc visits went better than I could have imagined so I'm hopeful that the other 2 doc visits are as easy.

My little girl has done a fantastic job learning and doing school today!  She sat beside me for nearly an hour working on something that usually causes much grief...and she did it with joy today.  In addition to that, she counted to 39.  I was skeptical that anything I was teaching her was actually being absorbed!

After the more formal school was done for the day, we watched a Netflix program called TED for Kids.  We watched a math-a-magician do some hard core math problems in his head.  The program only lasted 17 minutes so we watched some dancers (if you could call them that) move like robots, and the kids enjoyed mimicking them...until Lizzy got a little too carried away.  She was showing us her "moves like Jagger" when she fell and clocked her head on the floor.  Sadly, she started crying for her Daddy (what's up with that?), and a nice egg shaped bruised formed on her head immediately.  Maybe we should just stick to Wii Dance for now.

Anyway, we gotta run to swimming and gymnastics, but I think I have just enough time to swing by Kohl's...and I have $10 in Kohl's cash burning a hole through my pocket!

Ta ta for now...and I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall day as much as we are!

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