Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Andrew is killing me these days...with laughter. He comes up with the funniest stuff.

I just caught Andrew staring at me the other day. When I looked at him he said, "I just can't stop staring at the most beautiful mom." I think he's trying to butter me up for something, but I'm loving it.

We got home from church this morning. I had a bad morning, but I was doing a good job of not letting it affect my relationship with my children. I didn't act like I was down or anything, but my intuitive son sensed the situation and asked me about it. He then encouraged me in the sweetest ways. He hugged me, patted my hand, and just built me up with encouraging words. He is going to be a great husband some day. That boy is golden, and I thank God for him!

Today there were also contractors at our house working on a shower repair that has been a headache at our rental house for longer than 5 months. They are a couple of good ole boys, and I love spending time with them as weird as that sounds. You'd love them too if you met them. They needed my help with directions, but I was busy on the phone so Andrew helped them. He (and all of his 6 years) gave them clear directions to the closest Lowe's, and then he asked if they planned to eat lunch while they were out. He gave them all kinds of suggestions for restaurants near Lowe's. I was so proud of him, and the good ole boys were impressed. When they left, they rescheduled a return visit, and Andrew was so kind. He asked them not to do a good job fixing the shower so they would come back. Even Andrew enjoys their company.

Every once and a while, I have to brag on my children. I know I do a lot of complaining about their strong personalities, but it's those strong personalities that make them the kids I love so much!

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