Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Blues - Not Here

Last November, Little Man had a pretty rough attitude.  We could not figure out how to reverse that.  It seemed that no consequence was enough to get him to snap out of it....until my wonderful husband got it figured out.  Little Man had decided that he would play with his toys in his room instead of doing just about anything.  The toys were too much of a distraction for him.  His legos, his cars, the games, the kinex...all of it had to go.  So one evening, Hubby went Target, bought a bunch of bins, and he walked in the door making a beeline to Little Man's room where he started packing up every single little thing in Little Man's room.  He took 8 tubs filled with games, toys, stuffed animals and books into the attic until Little Man's room was bare.

Little Man was crushed, but his attitude shaped up.  By Christmas (and his birthday), we started letting him keep his new gifts in his room, and the little bit of stuff proved only to be a little distraction...so we let him keep the new toys out.

His attitude has been wonderful.  I think I'm on to him anyway.  He is a highly overwhelmed when presented with too much stuff whether it's too many toys, too many math problems on a page, or too many pages in a book.  That's just how he he is.  He gets overwhelmed and can't do anything.

So...figuring that since it's summer (and I use the summer as a time to do a full deep cleaning and decluttering), I decided to let Little Man get all the toys out of the attic and NEATLY put them in his room.  We worked together to throw out some stuff, and we put things on the shelves in an orderly fashion.  He is thrilled to have all his toys back in his room, and I have yet to hear the words "I'm bored" come out of either child's mouth. 

I was hesitant when Hubby took all Little Man's toys into the attic, but his plan was genius.  I may do that for the next school year too!  A special Thank You to my wonderful husband who got this figured out!  It made our school year a success and our summer dreamy!

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  1. I had forgotten about the Giant Toy Purge of 2012! I love it. Glad he's enjoying his "new" treasures, and that you guys know your plan worked :)