Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Little Chef

I hate cooking.  While I love crafting and eating, I do not like crafting with food of any kind.  I'm a disaster in the kitchen.  I CAN cook, and it comes out rather tasty.  I just don't enjoy it.

My husband, on the other hand, LOVES to cook.  He makes all kinds of delicious food, and he really enjoys learning the science behind cooking.  One of our favorite chefs is Alton Brown b/c he always explains the science behind what he does.  Unfortunately, we don't get cable, and we rarely get to watch him.  As an additional shout out for Alton, he is a Christian, and he is also from our hometown of Atlanta.  If you have never seen his show Good Eats, you need to check it out.  He's moving on to his next project, so you can check it out in syndication.

Mat also enjoys learning from Cooks Illustrated magazines, and he likes America's Test Kitchen.  I've enjoyed a lot of yummy food prepared by my chef.  That's what started Holy Smokes all those years ago...but I digress.

I may not enjoy cooking, but I do enjoy watching cooking shows.  Right now I am sitting back and relaxing with ice on my back, and Missy begged me to watch Martha Stewart.  I think Missy must have got her Dad's cooking gene, and I'm sure she is going to make am amazing chef.  She watches and repeats all the details.  I can't wait until she is old enough to cook on her own.  Until then, she can continue cooking with her father, and I'll happily watch cooking shows with her.

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