Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We are Moving...again!

This announcement has been a long time in coming...nearly 7 years. Mat was recently hired at ESPN so in just a few short weeks we are moving to Connecticut. Many of you know that this has been Mat's dream. We are all so excited to start this new adventure.

Here's what Mat says: I will be working in Systems Engineering with the guys that design all of the TV systems. We will be moving just outside Hartford, CT which should be a very interesting change. I am looking forward to the adventure. 4 seasons, snow, and the opportunity to work with one of the most respected companies in the broadcast industry.

The kids are very excited about the change.. They don't even mind not living outside of Disney as we promised them that we'd come back for visits. They are going to miss their sweet friends, but they are still young enough to handle the move well. They have already been practicing making snow angels. I honestly think that moving is natural for them. This will be Andrew's 8th move in his 7 years of life with all the travel we've done with Mat's jobs. This will be Elizabeth's 4th move, and she is only 3.

This move is bittersweet for me. We have gone through some of the biggest challenges here, but we've also had the time of our lives and met the sweetest people here in Florida. I'm going to miss my friends, but I know that we'll meet new people to love in Connecticut. I am NOT sad to miss the HOT summers, but I'm a little nervous about the cold and all the snow. I'm excited to have a change in terrain, and I'm so excited to get to explore New England.

At this point, we still plan on homeschool Andrew and start schooling Elizabeth. We have so many details to arrange, but it will all come in time. Mat's official start date is April 9. We plan to make a trip up there before that to look for a place to live, and Mat has to be at Rookie Camp on his start date. Then we'll be in Florida packing up with the movers. We'll head north at the end of April...just in time for our lease to be up on our rental house in Florida.

I'm amazed at how God has orchestrated every detail of this move...especially the timing of this move. We are very excited for this next (and hopefully final) adventure!

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  1. How exciting Genny!! From this native Floridian, I have to admit I am jealous of experiencing real seasons and real snow!! Sounds like your transition will be quick, but if you need help with anything, I am here for you!