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Our Family

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Getting Healthy

I'm gonna be real here.  I've gained about 20 pounds since November.  I wasn't eating totally horrible or even over eating.  I also wasn't being intentional about eating healthy nor was I exercising.  I have all kinds of excuses:

Winter came and it was much too cold to go outside
Then there was the whole ice on the ground issue
I didn't have a workout buddy
We didn't have access to a gym (b/c the cost was outrageous for childcare)
I'm pretty sure out old house would have collapsed if I jumped indoors
I spent all my free time searching for a house and teaching kiddos
That whole moving thing happened
Camps and VBS zapped all my energy

But at the end of the day, ALL of those are excuses.

I have a good friend who is a homeschool mom and also a nutrition expert with a degree to back it.  She used to be my built in workout buddy at the YMCA in Florida...mostly b/c she taught the classes.  It was a given that I'd not only have a good workout, but that my buddy would always be there b/c she had to be.  This friend had a challenge with energy and weight loss in spite of teaching all those classes and being intentional about eating healthy and exercising.

About a year ago, said friend embarked on a journey with Advocare.  It radically changed her life.  She had energy and got very toned (though she was never fat at all).  Mostly, she felt like her energy level helped her get more out of her day with work, homeschooling, and being a mom.  As I've watched her journey, I have longed for that same energy.

Skeptically, I spoke with hubby about it.  Let's face it, he's a stud already.  He's skinny, very fit, and a hunk o burning love :)  After talking with my friend on speaker phone/Facetime, we decided BOTH to do what's called a 24 Day Challenge through Advocare together.

Day 1 of the challenge was yesterday, and it was a BREEZE.  You basically eat very healthy (similar to a paleo diet - or eating the way God made food without all the processed stuff) on a schedule (though the schedule is basically just making sure you get in all your protien and veggies) coupled with a vitamin regiment and a fiber drink.  You also have to drink tons of water.  The worst part of the whole day was that I used every restroom I passed b/c I drank so much stinkin water.

Day 2 is today.  Both hubby and myself have lost 8/10 of a pound already (how hubby had anything to lose is just beyond me).  He hopes to come out of this thing with a 6 pack.  I hope to shed this weight that I've accumulated, and it only helps that I started P90X in addition to my 24 Day Cleanse.

I'll spare you the before pics, but if this thing works, you better believe I'll post after pics :)

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